Baby Bearded Dragons For Sale

By Vickie Dachiu
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Pictured below is the list of baby bearded dragons for sale this week.
New babies / sub-adults are usually posted weekly – please click the link to the left for the most recent list of available bearded dragons and BOOKMARK this page.

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Currently Available Dragons – 2/25/2018

1. HypoTranslucent Leatherback X Red/Yellow Witblit –
7 Inch Male. ( Hypo / Leatherback / Het Translucent / Het Witblit )
…$100.00 **SOLD**

Triple Het Leather

2. Coral Kakadu HypoTranslucent X Beasley Red (Double Het) –
7 Inch Male. ( Translucent / Het Hypo / Leatherback )
…$125.00 **SOLD**

Trans Het Hypo

3. CitrusTiger HypoTranslucent X Orange German Giant (Double Het) –
10-11 Inch Male. ( HypoTranslucent )
…$200.00 **SOLD**

HypoTranslucent Dragon

4. Red HypoTranslucent X Citrus Genetic Stripe Dunner (Double Het) –
6-7 Inch Probable Female. ( HypoTranslucent / Dunner / Genetic Stripe )
…$150.00 **SOLD**

HypoTrans G-Stripe Dunner baby bearded dragons for sale

5. Het Witblit (Het Hypo) X Witblit (Het Hypo) –
7-8 Inch Female. ( Witblit / 66% Probable Het Hypo )
…$200.00 **SOLD**

Witblit baby Bearded Dragons for sale

The next list of dragons for sale will be posted 3-25