Tha Albinos of Australia...

Bob Withey (aka - snaketails), a citizen and hobby breeder in Australia, has produced albino beardies.

Bob breeds yellow vitticeps and when his 3rd generation hatched 2 years ago most of the young were a very pale color with red stripes running down their backs. Not understanding where the yellow color went; he decided to raise 6 of these strange looking babies. At nine months of age (last year) his largest female laid 3 clutches of eggs.

All of these hatched and with the exception of one single baby in the last clutch, all of them were pale like their parents. There was one dragon in the last clutch that was almost white with a blood red back. Unfortunately, this dragon died within about 3 weeks.

This season Bob switched his males, and so far they have produced 10 albino's from 50 hatchlings. There was 1 albino in the first clutch and 9 appeared in the 2nd clutch... and with another clutch still incubating - who knows what his ratios will stop at! One thing is for certain at a 20% hatch rate of albinos this is definitely no fluke...

Bob has been kind enough to allow us to post pictures of his hatchlings for everyone to enjoy. All pictures are the sole property of Bob Withey and may not be reproduced without his explicit permission. They have been watermarked as a deterrent.

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