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We will only be shipping overstock feeders in the near future –

After much deliberation we have decided to reduce our dubia colony and move in a different, focused, direction.

We are still breeding dubia – and will post our over-stock on the web site when we have them. We will also be offering new and existing breeding groups for those who would like to set up a small colony for feeding.

** We will not be shipping feeders on the following weeks ::
October 22 & 23
November 5 & 6
November 26 & 27
December 24 & 25
December 31 / January 1

Buffalo Worms

Buffalo worms are much easier for small reptiles to digest and have a fast vibrating/wiggle movement to them that prompts a vigorous feeding response. These little ones are great for babies up to 7 inches - because they only get to be 1/2 - 5/8 inch maximum in length.

**Many people also use Buffalo worms as cleaner bugs in their dubia colonies.

The easiest way to separate the worms from the bedding - go outside and carefully dump worms from one container to another. A slight breeze will blow the bedding away as the worms fall into the other container.

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