Super Worms For Sale

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Maintenance for Super worms

Housing ::
Superworms can be placed in any container that will allow for no more than 1 inch of worms to pile on top of one another – and make sure it is high enough so they can’t climb out! Egg flats placed in the container will give the worms more surface area to crawl on.

Heating ::
Superworms do wonderfully well at room temperature. (mid 70s to the low 80s).

Feeding ::
Keep your superworms in 1 to 4 inches of wheat bran, oats or another nutritious bedding. This will give them a little cushion as they crawl around and double as a dry food source.

Hydration is very important – but thankfully pretty easy. Foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes and squash are all great for providing moisture. Not only is it a source of moisture but these items also double as nutrient sources. Simply place several pieces on top of the substrate and watch them attack it from below. Be sure to remove old food and replace it with fresh food daily. Note — A lack of moisture will most likely result in cannibalism.

**Never refrigerate your superworms! They will die.