Bearded Dragon Growth Charts

Below are two charts, showing the growth of some of our bearded dragons that we raised, most of which, are from different blood lines. One chart is for male bearded dragons, and the other chart is for female bearded dragons. There is no information before 6 weeks since not all of the bearded dragons lengths were kept track of before the 6 week period. At the right side of the chart you will find an average growth rate of the combined animals in the chart.

All bearded dragons were housed in pairs or a trio in a small cage (24X28) during the 6 month period. Our bearded dragons had greens in their cage at all times, and they were fed gut-loaded crickets 2-4 times daily. One feeding per day was dusted with Repcal, and once weekly we used Herptivite. We also offered the appropriate size mealworms at least a few times a week to our bearded dragons.

Temperature was kept at 110-115 at the highest part of the basking area – while the ambient cage temperature was about 85. Nighttime temperature was about 70-75 with no heat source on at night. Lights/heat was kept on for 14 hours a day. Also it is important to note, during the 6 month period there was fluorescent lighting used, but no effective UVB.

** The UVB lighting we used was ReptiSun 5.0 – AND in the beginning our cages were 24 inches high! As a result, the bulbs UVB output dissipated before reaching the basking area. Silly us, we didn’t know back in 1998 that the bulbs had to be much, much closer to the animals to be an effective UVB source.

Male Bearded Dragon Growth Charts…


6 weeks66.5 in.6 in.6 in.7 in.6.3
7 weeks6.576.56.6257.56.925
8 weeks6.757.5778.757.4
9 weeks7.1258.57.57.625108.15
10 weeks8.

11 weeks9.510.1259.59.12512.2510.1
12 weeks10.511.12510.5101311.025
13 weeks11.512.12511.510.8751412
14 weeks12.2512.62512.12512.2514.62512.775
15 weeks13.12513.751312.7515.513.625
16 weeks13.751413.62513.2516.625

17 weeks1414.62514.1251416.87514.725
18 weeks14.62515.2514.514.517.2515.225
19 weeks1515.7514.8751517.2515.575
20 weeks151615.2515.517.2515.8
6 months15.517.51617.2517.62516.775

Female Bearded Dragon Growth Charts…


6 weeks5.756.56676.25
7 weeks6.57.1256.56.758.1257
8 weeks7.2587.257.59.1257.825
9 weeks8.12598.1258.510.58.85
10 weeks9.1259.599.37511.3759.67
11 weeks1010.259.8751012.5

12 weeks111110.5111311.3
13 weeks11.511.511.511.513.62511.92
14 weeks1212.2512.12512.251412.525
15 weeks12.3751312.751314.62513.15
16 weeks13.12513.62513.2513.515.12513.725
17 weeks1414.514.12514.515.5

18 weeks14.62514.7514.62514.6251614.925
19 weeks15.251515151615.25
20 weeks15.6251515.12515.2516.2515.45
6 months16.2515.7515.2515.37516.515.825

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