Health / Shipping Guarantee

Health Guarantee

Most baby bearded dragons are approximately 6-7 inches in length when listed for sale, unless otherwise noted. All dragons for sale are guaranteed to be healthy, established eaters. We do not guarantee gender, unless otherwise noted on the Currently Available page.

We offer a health guarantee on all bearded dragons for 6 weeks after purchase. This brings your dragon to a minimum of 10 weeks old, 8 inches+ and should ensure a proper adjustment to its new home.

It is our responsibility to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.
It is your responsibility if an animal isn’t feeding or you have questions or concerns to please notify us asap. Please do not wait a week, as small dragons can go down hill very fast and it is usually a minor change in its habitat that is needed.

Happiness Guarantee

Over the last 20+ years we’ve ordered many bearded dragons. Excited and anticipating their arrival, the big day comes. You open the box to find one misrepresentation after another. Whether it not being the size of what they were supposed to be or the wrong sex on guaranteed sexed dragons. Or perhaps the red one that came in with no color, the animal that just looks skinny, dehydrated and sickly, or something happened in shipping and the animal arrived dead.

Consequently, if you order a bearded dragon from us and the big day comes and you open the box and you are disappointed for any reason. Call us and tell us that you aren’t happy with what you received; that you would like to return the animal. We will refund your payment upon receiving the dragon. Seriously.

Shipping Guarantee

**We want to make this a clear as possible. If the dragon doesn’t make it through shipping, including a delay due to transportation, we will either refund your payment or give you a replacement animal. It is our responsibility to ensure safe arrival of your dragon.

*EXCEPTION* – If you aren’t available for delivery of the shipment for any reason – the shipping guarantee is forfeit. ~Please note that we do not refund shipping charges.~

**Our breeders and currently available dragons have not been tested for adenovirus. Adenovirus is believed to be present in many/most bearded dragons, including ours. For those of you who wish to test – a positive tested animal may be returned to us within 6 weeks and a refund issued for the purchase price. *We do not refund shipping fees or testing costs.