Adenovirus In Dragons

We do not believe the adenovirus is a deadly plague that has swept through the bearded dragon population, indiscriminately killing off animals. However, as a viral infection that seems to be prevalent throughout the captive bearded dragon population, it is a concern.
In conclusion, we have instituted an updated guarantee to reflect this matter.

Adenovirus Info

Please read the current information provided by the University of Florida on adenovirus. Their paper is intended to be a summary of what was known to these researchers. It will be updated as they feel necessary based upon data/information collected over time. We will post any new versions as we are notified of them.
Reptile Adenovirus PCR and Sequencing at the University of Florida CVM

If you wish to test, an easily understood explanation of testing methods used is here :
PCR vs. EM Adenovirus testing

Testing Options

* EM Fecal Testing is done by contacting Lou Ann Miller at the Center for Microscopic Imaging, College of Veterinary Medicine. Please contact Lou Ann directly for the fixative that is needed and instructions for collecting/submitting :
Phone# – 217-244-1567
Email –

*Real-Time PCR Fecal Testing – Done through Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. This method of testing must be submitted to the laboratory by your veterinarian. Please have your vet contact V.M.D. for the guidelines to use for submission.
Phone# – 513-576-1808

*Nested PCR Fecal Testing – Done through Dr. Elliott Jacobson at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida. This method of testing, however, must be submitted to the laboratory by your veterinarian. Your vet must contact the University of Florida for the submission documents.
Phone# – 352-392-4700 x 5775
Email –

Interesting Reading

Many enteric viruses cause diarrhea, consequently leading to dehydration and malnutrition. Check out this interesting article by Clifford Warwick, posted publicly by M. Kaplin.
***Observation on disease-associated preferred body temperatures in reptiles

We searched for information that would help us to understand the adenovirus in general and how it effects its hosts, and came across this book. Not reptile related, but a good read on viruses in general. Note the lecture on enteric Adenoviruses is listed under Viruses We Eat.
***How Pathogenic Viruses Work