Contact Information

Dachiu Dragons is a family owned/run business.
Please keep this in mind…
~ Please also take note that we are located in Pennsylvania (Eastern Time Zone).

Acceptable hours to call us are :

Sunday – 9am-9pm (our time)
Monday – 9am-9pm (our time)
Tuesday – 9am-3pm (our time)
Thursday – 9am-9pm (our time)
Friday – 9am-noon (our time)

at 570.462.2196

**We take Wednesday & Saturday off**

Many general questions you may have are answered within our web site.
~ Please refer to our hatchling care-sheet and/or FAQ for general husbandry questions.
~ Bearded dragon sexing questions? We have posted pictures and a description.
~ As for availability of individual bearded dragons, please keep an eye on our “Available Dragons” page for them to appear with pictures.

If you have problem or concern with your bearded dragon –
Please review the care-sheet and FAQ. If you cannot find what you’re looking for there, please give us a call. Whether you purchased it from us or not, we’ll be happy to talk you through any possibilities.