Here are a few of our 2015 hold back Dunner bearded dragons that we are planning to breed in the 2016 season. We have quite a few Hypomelanistic Dunner bearded dragons that show quite a bit of lavender barring.

Hypomelanistic Dunner Bearded Dragons

Hypo Tangerine Dunners
Hypo Dunners
Hypomelanistic Dunners

Hypomelanistic Citrus Dunner

Hypo Citrus Dunner

Translucent Leatherback Dunner

Translucent Dunner

HypoTranslucent & HypoTrans Leatherback Dunners

HypoTrans Dunners
HypoTranslucent Dunner
HypoTrans Dunners

2015-2016 Breeders

Het Hypo Dunner & Hypomelanistic Leather Dunners

Hypo Leatherback Dunner

And finally… Here are a few of the Dunner bearded dragons that hatched in 2014.

Hypomelanistic Leatherback Bearded Dragon

Hypo Leatherback Dunners

Double Het Leatherback Bearded Dragon

Double Het Leatherback Dunners

Double Het

Double Het Dunners

White Hypo Bearded Dragon

White Hypo Dunner Dragon

White Hypo Leatherback Bearded Dragon

White Hypo Dunner Dragon

Salmon Hypo Leatherback Bearded Dragon

Crazy Pattern Dunner Dragon